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let me make your special day 


I host a limited number of weddings, christenings, and other special occasions each year to ensure that I can deliver an incomparable and memorable experience.

Every event receives my undivided attention, so that your special day contains the things I really believe in: unforgettable moments through special live music, to convey feelings, to inspire you and your guests.

I make sure the whole process is simple, friendly and professional.  

Wedding singer Wilda will definitely make your day something very special


I am happy to accompany you to your wedding, whether at the church, civil, or free wedding, during the wedding dance or at the champagne reception.


I am happy to accompany your church service for baptism, confirmation or communion with music.

Funeral service

music is  an essential part of any celebration, and funerals are no exception. I shall  provide a soulful funeral service with my live music.

Other occasions

If  Birthdays, anniversaries,  Company parties, receptions, or Christmas parties.  I sing for you with mine  whole passion. 

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